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Old Crone
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
~Loves Bretons and Half- Elves :D
~Loves mermaids
~Is of Homo Elfen species
~Draws like shit

Stole it from :iconthewildgrape:, who in turn stole it from another :D

The Final Blow by DeepDarkSiren


  • FULL NAME: Aislinn Rane (Ash-lean Rain)
  •  MEANING: Old bretonic(or Irish) name meaning Dream or Vision
  •  NICKNAME: Ais or Ash to most people
  •  ACTUAL AGE: Currently 23, or 18 Breton years.
  •  RESIDENCE: Currently anywhere she can lay her bedroll
  •  SPECIES: Breton / Half-Elf
  •  GENDER: Female
  •  SEXUAL PREFERENCE: Heterosexual. Sometimes Asexual.
  •  MARITAL STATUS: Single. Can't find anyone potential either :(
  •  KIDS: None. But later on apprentinces a young girl, whom she treats like  her daughter.
  •  OCCUPATION: A witchhunter. Alternatively, she is also a bounty hunter.

Aislinn Rane by DeepDarkSiren


  •  HAIR COLOR: Dark brown, almost black.
  •  HAIR STYLE AND LENGTH: Quite long, halfway down her back. Usually  styled in either a bun, half-bun or ponytail.
  •  EYES COLOR: Purple. Most probably Inherited from her mother. 
  •  HEIGHT: 5'5 (Tall for a breton)
  •  ABNORMALITIES (TAIL): None. Maybe her eyes?
  •  DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Eye colour. Scar on left cheek, on chin and  burn marks on her arm.
  •  SELF CARE: Just for hygiene purposes. Grew up with no female figure in the house. Makeup VVVEEERRYY rarely. Wears purple warpaint on her eyes, though.
  •  FIRST IMPRESSION ON PEOPLE: Quiet but friendly.
  •  SKIN COLOR: Olive, and tanned. Living outdoors does that to people, it seems.
  •  BODY TYPE/BUILD: Average build, small boobs and butt.
  •  DEFAULT EXPRESSION: Looks tired (because of her eyes).
  •  PIERCINGS: Two in right ear, three in left.
  •  DESCRIBE THEIR VOICE: Throaty voice. An okay singer? Can shout  really loud. When angry voice gets scratchy and rough. When excited,  kinda squeaky.
  •  WEAPON OF CHOICE:Crossbows, bows and spells. Will use swords and  daggers when necessary.


  •  WHEN YOU FIRST MEET THEM: Would probably take some time to let  her warm up.
  •  AS YOU KNOW THEM BETTER (AND THEY LIKE YOU): She's probably the most loyal person you'll ever meet. She gets sympathetic and will always look out for your best interests. She will sometimes joke around and talk about adventures.
  •  AS YOU KNOW THEM BETTER (AND THEY DISLIKE YOU): She will do everything she can to avoid you. Even if you manage to talk to her, she'll brush you off with a sarcastic remark.
  •  POSITIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Observant, Quick learner. Smart. Can get determined if she has enough interest in it. Loyal. Sympathetic. You can count on her if you ever need a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen. Reliable and extremely caring of others. Really patient. hmm, practical, always tries to find a way ot of a situation.
  •  NEGATIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Can get quite superficial. Stubborn. Not easily forgiving. Sometimes she will really emotional and tends to make rash decisions which she later regrets it later. Not a good speaker. Gets intimidated when forced to speak to a large crowd.
  •  FAVORITE COLOR: Not favourite per se, but prefers shades of blue, green and teal. Ironically, she hates purple.
  •  FAVORITE ANIMAL: Rabbits and foxes.
  •  FAVORITE INSTRUMENT: She can't play any, but likes to listen to flutes or the vevlira.
  •  FAVORITE ELEMENT: Earth, for it is most reliable and practical.
  •  FAVORITE FOOD: Fruits, roasted meat, taffy treats.
  •  HOBBIES: Reading, walking, Target practice. 
  •  USUAL MOOD: Content.
  •  DRINK/SMOKE/DRUG:  Ale, 'minted' water, anything cooling.
  •  SOFT SPOT/VULNERABILITY: People she cares.
  •  OPINION ON SWEARING: Neutral. Often guilty of swearing herself. 
  •  MUSIC TYPE: Rhythmic and soft.
  •  COMFORTABLE TEMPERATURE: Cloudy and slightly windy.
  •  SLEEPING PATTERN: Average. Turns from side-to-side every now and  then. When tired, sleeps like a bull.
  •  CLEANLINESS/NEATNESS: Average. She cleans herself as often as  possible, but when in the wild or travelling, she can live with no bathing.
  •  DESIRED PET: Currently, no. Perhaps when she has settled, she would have a fox.
  •  HOW DO THEY PASS TIME: Sometimes reading around the campfire. Sometimes, she takes long walks, lost in her thoughts.
  •  BIGGEST SECRET: That she was most probably the cause of her  mentor (and best friends') death. 
  •  WHAT ANIMAL WOULD THEY BE: A bull, hands down.
  •  FEARS: Being betrayed, drifting away from closed ones and feeling useless.
  •  DRUNK TYPE: Laughs-a-lot and eventually sleepy.
  •  DONE ANYTHING TO GET IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW: Well, there  was that one time in Markarth....

The Witchhunter by DeepDarkSiren

((Gahh romance. Not good at it, so I'll write as much as I know.))


  •  DO THEY TAKE INITIATIVE: Rarely. Unless she's curious enough. Likely to engage in a small talk.
  •  HOW DO THEY ACT: Like how she acts with every other person. Smiles more often.
  •  TRUE LOVE VS TESTING DIFFERENT PEOPLE: Mixed. She doesn't believe in love at first sight, and will most likely try to talk (flirt) with different people until she finds one she likes.
  •  PROTECTIVE: Yes. Like she is of everyone else.
  •  GO SLOW VS JUMP INTO: Most likely to be slow.
  •  WHAT KIND OF PRESENTS DO THEY BUY: Unexpected but practical.
  •  TYPE OF KISSER: Slow. Can get aggressive.
  •  DO THEY WANT KIDS: Currently, no. Maybe her thinking will change in the future?
  •  ARE THEY ROMANTIC: A little.
  •  HOW ARE THEY IN BED: Ohohoho.
  •  TOYS: None.
  •  FETISHES: Beard stubble?
  •  S+M: ?
  •  GET JEALOUS EASY: She'd probably get jealous and wouldn't know it.
  •  MARRY FOR MONEY: noononono.
  •  OPINION ON SEX: Not really interested in sex. When she is in love, she enjoys it, but doesn't think sex is the only way to love someone. (I suppose I couls say she's kinda asexual)

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